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The army of the Lord

Joyce Meyer (7)

Joyce Meyer Ministries: Did you know that you are a soldier in the army of the Lord? And you actually have authority over your enemies. We want you to discover that authority and begin to walk in it next on “enjoying everyday life.”

Joyce Meyer Online: I want to talk to you this weekend about spiritual warfare. It’s a subject that we need to talk about. I’ve called this series “armed and dangerous” because I think if we really know who we are in Christ and if we really understand the armor of God and the weapons that have been given to us, both offensive and defensive, and if we will begin to act like a soldier in the army of God, we are going to have so much more victory in our life. One of the biggest problems I think that we face today is a little thing, or a big thing really, called passivity. To be honest, a lot of the problems even that we have in our nation today are due to people being passive and not maintaining what somebody else gained for them years ago. A lot of men and women paid a tremendous price for us to have the freedoms that we have today but we’re losing many of those because of passivity.

According to Joyce Meyer that we sit around and say, “somebody should do something,” without ever asking if that someone ought to be us. We say “they” should do something without realizing we are “they.” We wish for things and we’d like to see things happen but we’re often not willing to do our part. You have to be very careful about a lazy, passive spirit because one of the main things the devil wants is for us to just sit around and want something but not be willing to do what we need to do to have it. You have authority over the devil. It’s just that simple. He’s under your feet because Jesus is the head and he said, “I have all authority over him. All authority in heaven and on the earth has been given to me.” We’re his body and so if Satan’s under the feet of Jesus, then it’s our feet that he’s under.

Joyce Meyer Ministries  – Now, like Lou was saying, being delivered from that… Watching Jesus be able to take that. And now in the locker room when I hear a cuss word or a swear word, I almost cringe.

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