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Jesus Christ is in my life

Joyce Meyer (4)

Joyce Meyer Ministries: We all want our lives filled with purpose and passion and we can have it. Find out how next on “enjoying everyday life.”

Joyce Meyer Online: One of the things that has really been disturbing me is Christians who are never happy, never satisfied, always have a long face, always have something to murmur about, something to complain about, always talking about their problems, always talking about their circumstances — kind of that lifeless, lukewarm, ho-hum, apathetic, pathetic attitude. The world may have that but we should not be like that. I said we should not be like that. The only way that we’re going to affect other people who need Christ is to let them see Christ in us. And that’s our job every single day, everywhere we go.

According to Joyce Meyer that people want to enjoy their life. They want to live with passion. They want to be enthusiastic. And if they can see us being that way and then ask us, “so what’s going on with you that you seem to be happy all the time?” or “you always have a good attitude no matter what’s going on,” then it’s a wide-open door to tell them, “really, I deal with a lot of the same things you deal with in life. It’s not that I don’t have any problems. It’s not that I never have a struggle, but Jesus Christ is in my life and he makes all the difference in the world. And in him, I found a way to live a resurrected life.” You may be the only Jesus that your neighbor will ever see. You are the hands and feet of Jesus. And if God didn’t have something for you to do when you got saved, he would have just beamed you out of here and gotten it over with.

Joyce Meyer Online – It’s like hearing fingernails on a chalkboard. It stands out. But that’s what God has been able to do to me; he’s made me conscious of it instead of it just becoming second nature.

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