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Talking About Forgiveness

Joyce Meyer (11)

Joyce Meyer Ministries: welcome back to the program. My guest, Billy Joe Daugherty, and I are talking about forgiveness and why it’s so important not only to god, but to each and every one of us. Pastor, you were talking about the man who hit you at a church service and everything that has come out of that, and what an awesome testimony that is. But I would imagine that it was relatively easy to forgive that man because first of all, you didn’t know him, you had no personal relationship with him, no kind of experience with him. And it’s pretty easy to forgive somebody when you can think, “well, that person just has something wrong with him, so I’m just going to look over that.” but do you believe it’s harder when it’s someone you know, that you have an expectation of them treating you well, or maybe someone that you’ve poured a lot into their life and now all of a sudden they’ve betrayed you or just pulled the rug out from under you, so to speak?

Pastor Billy Joe: I think it is. I think it really is. Many people today are facing abusive situations from people they know — pain related to family, other pains related to job situations or people that they may have trusted or served. The same power to forgive is there for all those situations, and that is it’s the power of choice. Many people say, “i can’t forgive. I just don’t feel it.” they relate forgiveness to a feeling. This is why it’s important for us to realize that it may be harder in one sense, but the decision and the choice supersedes any level of hardness because Jesus left us an example. He said, “father, forgive them,” from the cross. It was a choice. And we have to look at what he was doing.

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