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People were giving in offerings

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Lisa: Joyce Meyer, there was a real turning point for John and me. When we were first married — and it’s actually kind of comical now — but as soon as we got saved, we started tithing. I remember I would save for like one week and I was given $100 and I was so excited. John was like, “actually, that’s 90 dollars; ten goes to God.” I was like, “you’re kidding me!” So we started tithing right away. We got married. We were part of a church. We not only tithed, we gave in every single offering. We were so excited. People were giving in offerings.

Joyce Meyer Ministries states we had given in the same offering and then the next day they’d be like, “oh my gosh, I like came home and someone bought me a mercedes!” I’d be like, “wait a minute! I have to pack my lunch and I can’t even afford to go out because I don’t have gas money. What is going on over here?” John and I had just gotten to a place where we had come to the end of everything, and we walked out to our car and our windshield had exploded from heat exhaustion. We just sat there and we were like, “oh my gosh, this is so bad. Joyce Meyer Online states we have a car windshield exploded. We have no money.” And we started to really complain against God. We were like, “you know what? We have tithed and we have given offerings, and these other people who don’t even need anything are getting money and this is not right!” John and I both actually sat down and cried together. We just sat there and we cried. We were like, “we don’t know if this is working.” I remember the next day, John was working at Rockwell international and I was actually working at a church, and we didn’t even know how we were going to get to work the next day.

Joyce Meyer – Man, I think there’s a number of challenges but I think probably the greatest challenge to witnessing is staying consistent in your own life.

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