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Joyce Meyer said we don’t really show that we have forgiven ourselves until we have the joy from it by believing what Jesus did on the cross. It all goes back to the atonement. This is what God did for us, and we are to take this gift with both hands. Now look, when you forgive others, you give them a gift they don’t deserve. Now, I say give yourself a gift you don’t deserve. Joyce Meyer Ministries states to let yourself off the hook. We think, “I can’t do that. I feel guilty; I don’t deserve it.” This was my problem as I said last time. I let those years go by when I neglected my family, and the guilt I felt… I felt guilty in accepting the forgiveness, and then I saw this is what God wanted me to do. I’ve been set free and I’m passing it on!

Joyce Meyer Online: I recall one time when I was having another day of feeling guilty, which that was my story pretty much every day of my life… I’d been abused in my childhood and somehow decided there must be something wrong with me if people were mistreating me, and just carried that into my adult life and even into my Christian life, and the devil was just having a real party with it. By then Joyce Meyer was already called into ministry and I was having home bible studies in my home, having people come in and teaching them the word but I was on one of my guilt trips. I remember so vividly the Holy Spirit saying to my heart, “how do you plan to get over this?” Well, I knew the right answer: “I’ll just receive the sacrifice that you made for me when you died on Calvary.” It sounded so spiritual. He said, “and when did you plan to do that?” All of a sudden I started getting a revelation. Joyce Meyer Ministries thought, “oh, probably in two or three days.” “Well, if that sacrifice is good two or three days from now, why isn’t it good now?” and then he said, “I don’t need you to add your guilt to my sacrifice.” Either Jesus did a complete and thorough job or he didn’t. And the truth is we cannot do anything to make up for our mistakes, including feeling bad for years and years and years.

Joyce Meyer Online – I just want to ask you… First I’ll start with Kurt and then go to Lou: What is the greatest challenge to witnessing that you find in the sports arena?

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