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Our purpose is to live for his glory

Joyce Meyer (3)

So you’re here for a purpose, and Joyce Meyer don’t think you need to be confused about your purpose. I think it’s just so simple; it’s all over the bible what our purpose is. Our purpose is to live for his glory, wherever we’re at, whatever walk of life we’re in, whether we’re preaching or working in a hospital or working in a doctor’s office or working in a school, none of that matters. We’ve gotten too caught up in what we do. I said we have gotten way too caught up in what we do. Joyce Meyer Ministries states now listen to me — we get too much of our worth and value out of what we do. People strive to do something greater than what somebody else is doing. Or they’re always comparing what they do with what somebody else does. We hardly even ask each other how we are; we want to know, “what do you do?” “what do you do?” “what do you do?” “what do you do?” we all need to do something but I don’t think what we do is nearly as important as the attitude that we do it with. Joyce Meyer Ministries believe that God wants us to live with passion and zeal and enthusiasm.  And I want to say that I don’t necessarily think that’s something that you feel. I’ve been thinking a lot about passion, getting ready for this conference. I think when we think about passion, we think that it’s some kind of an emotion that just gets you hyped up all the time. And to be honest with you, that’s not even my personality. I’m a little bit more of a deeper person and a deep thinker. I’m pretty funny when I preach, but that’s pretty much where it stops. I mean, I’m not like real funny in my ordinary, everyday life.

Joyce Meyer Online – I appreciate you gentlemen taking the time to be here because I know you have plenty to do, and I really believe that what you’re going to say today is going to have an impact on some people’s lives.

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