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God Still Has A Plan

Joyce Meyer (4)

Donald: She gives hope. She gives me hope because I see… I mean, I’ve got a mental picture where she came from. I know the struggles that she’s had — the confusion, the anger, the bitterness. She’s a walking testimony that she’s overcome. It’s not a bed of roses by any means. God has placed a real burden on her. I think that she is a living example of Christ in a person. I think she meets people where they’re at. She meets me where I’m at.

Narrator: A boy’s home, a mental institution, four state prisons and countless county jails couldn’t change Donald Bearman but now he’s a walking testimony that love can break the bondage that goes beyond prison walls.

Donald: Every time that I’ve ever gotten out, I was never free — never, ever free. I have more freedom this day as I sit and talk with you than I have ever had in my entire life.

Joyce: One thing’s for sure — if Carolina can become a better person, then I believe any of us can. His story is proof that a decision to change is the first step that we need to take, which opens the door for God to help us. Wasn’t that an awesome testimony?

Pastor Joel: It’s amazing how God can touch anybody. Sometimes we tend to write people off, but that ought to encourage us all — don’t write our children off, don’t write our loved ones off. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing right now. God still has a plan and God can turn anybody’s life around.

Joyce: We were talking about how our past mistakes can hold us back. He’s a classic example of how if he would have chosen to have thought wrong, he could have just thought, “there’s no way that I can ever overcome this.”

Pastor Joel:  yeah, I know. That’s the whole key; if they can get on the inside of who they are and that they’re a child of the most-high God, and our position doesn’t change even though our condition may change sometimes — we’re still God’s children. I was thinking about the prodigal son. He was his father’s son when he was in the palace and when he was in the hog pen. I believe once you understand your position, you can know, “I can change my condition and get it back up to where I should be.” we should be living a life of victory, success and hope and helping others. That’s what I love about what he’s doing today.

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