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A Love For God’s Word

Joyce Meyer (5)

Joyce: Donald Bearman lived a life of hate, and it was just a matter of time before he landed in one of America’s toughest prisons in Angola, Louisiana.

Donald Bearman: I’ve been incarcerated for the majority of my life. There was something about the excitement of instilling fear. A lot of men will not say that’s “it’s my fault”, but you see I’ve always known what I was doing before I did it. I had never at any time in my life not experienced hate. I never met anybody that I would not hurt.

Narrator: he was one of the most feared men in Angola. Donald Bearman, aka: Carolina, says only the power of God could break him. Four years ago Donald found himself at a Christian retreat organized by the prison officials. He knew if he caused trouble they would remove him, so he stood up to flip his table.

Donald: That day when I stood up, the hate wasn’t there. When I was going to do what I’ve always done, the hate was gone. There was a calm… At first I thought I was losing… I thought I had snapped. I thought I had honestly lost my mind. Every fiber of my being was touched simultaneously. “I love you.” all I could do was say, “well, who are you?” one day I just couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t fight with God anymore. I fought with God. I did everything I could to tell him to leave me alone. “just leave me alone. Give me back my hate.”

Narrator: God taught Donald that love is stronger than hate. Four years later Angola’s bible college is giving Donald a love for God’s word. He is also growing through the teachings of Joyce Meyer which shows him the heart of Jesus.

Joyce Meyer: he cares and when you hurt he knows it.

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