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A chance that life is going to be more pressure

Joyce Meyer (3)

John: Which keeps you very busy!

Joyce: Which keeps me very busy! But god really got across to me… He said: Life is not only probably not going to change but the way things are going in our society, there’s a chance that life is going to be more pressure, more stress, more complicated.

John: It’s not going to slow down.

Joyce: Yeah. More complicated than ever before. I remember when you just went and turned your tv on. Now I have to have routers and re-routers and you have to make sure you get the thing right at the eye and this and that and something else.

John: In fact, I’m always wanting to know what happened to the on and off buttons. You turned it on, you turned it off. You had abc, nbc, cbs — you had three channels; life was very simple. No more!

Joyce: All the modern conveniences, I guess, are convenient if you can survive learning how to work them.

John: That’s exactly right.

Joyce: I’ve got a car that I’ve had for five years and there are still things on it I don’t know how to work. So, life is just probably not going to change. So God just really got it across to me: You better change your approach. You know, john, how we approach everything makes all the difference in the world.

John: Absolutely. Sure does. In fact, if we are not in our own life flexible and willing to make changes, life will beat us up.

Joyce Meyer: That’s really true. Out of that I wrote a book called “100 ways to simplify your life.” We have your book “today matters: 12 daily practices things you can do today: To guarantee tomorrow’s success.” So, we want to talk about ways to simplify life, which means you’re going to enjoy life even more. I think there’s the obvious: Don’t have so much stuff, don’t overload your schedule, and things like that but I’m just going to open this up at random and we’ll see what we come up with.

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