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God Has The Power To Change Our Life

Joyce Meyer (10)

I didn’t come here, “well, I hope the people come and I hope they like me.” I used to. I used to go out like that all the time and I would just be tormented. But I just come with a positive attitude. “hey, praise the lord! Going to des moines. Joyce Meyer going to have a good time. Preach the gospel. Preach on hope. Believe it’s going to be fruitful.” and I’m not looking around at all of you to tell by the looks on your faces if this is any good or not. I’ve already made my mind up how I feel about it. (cheering) see, the point is no matter what anybody else thinks, it’s what you think that matters.

Joyce: hope is defined as a favorable and a confident expectation. What are you hoping for and how often are you tempted to just give up? I think one of the biggest temptations we have from the enemy is just to quit and give up but if you refuse to give up, you will have the victory.  It’s amazing to me what people can do if they just make their mind up that they’re going to hang in and see the victory. Today we want to make a special offer to you.  We don’t do this very often so you want to take advantage of it. We actually have a teaching series that we want you to have so much that we’re going to offer it for any amount that you feel you can give.

We just ask that you do your very best.  Some people will be able to do more than others and perhaps some of you can send in a fairly generous amount to make up for somebody who’s not going to be able to send as much and that’s a way you can give. Joyce Meyer online but I believe that if people don’t have it really deep in their spirits that they’re never going to give up, I think the devil’s going to keep stealing and stealing and stealing. It’s very important to me that you have this teaching because I know that was a really big thing in my life and I believe one of the main reasons why I am still around today is because God has given me the grace to not give up. I always say my greatest testimony is I’m still here. We’re going to tell you about this particular resource a little more and just remember: the word of God has the power in it to change your life. God bless you.

Joyce Meyer: if I look at my past, everything says I should be a failure.  At one point or another everyone has felt like quitting but I’m here to tell you there is another way. That’s why I’ve developed this teaching called “never give up.” in it you’ll discover how God has given us the power to overcome any obstacle that comes our way.

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