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I Love God

Joyce Meyer (9)

In Ephesians 1:17-18 Paul prayed that we would know the hope of our calling. That was one of the prayers that he prayed for the church, that they might know the hope of their calling. In other words, Paul was saying, “lord, i want them to know the life that they’re called to and how much hope that can give them in the situations that they’re in right now if they realize what you have in mind for them and what you have stored up for them. Joyce Meyer online ”  the bible says, “eye has not seen and ear has not heard all the good things that God has made ready, prepared and stored up for those who love him.” not even those who do everything right, but those who love him — those who love him. I don’t do everything right but I love God. Amen? (amen.)

I’ve not arrived yet, but I’m growing. I’m on my way. Do you know the hope of your calling? I made a little list. It was really kind of fun. First of all, without knowledge people don’t ever possess what’s theirs. It’s amazing what you can have but if you don’t know you have it, then you’ll never make any use out of it. Joyce Meyer somebody could be a millionaire, but if they don’t know they’re a millionaire, then they’ll live like a pauper. Right?  (right.)

It’s really very simple to understand that; we can get that. Somebody could be a millionaire, but if they don’t know they’re a millionaire, they will live like a pauper. If you don’t know what’s yours in Christ — and when we say “in Christ” that means because of what Jesus has done and what he has inherited and we are joint heirs with him, when we put our faith in him, everything that Jesus earned and deserves becomes ours. (applause)

Where are you going to get a deal like that? Do you understand that? Jesus said, “everything the father has is mine and I’m going to send the holy spirit and he’s going to transmit it to you.” well, I’m a receiver. It doesn’t do any good for anybody to be transmitting if there’s no receiver. When I put my television programs on, I’m transmitting, but if nobody turns their set on, they’re not going to get the program. Joyce Meyer ministries I’ve made up my mind, if the holy ghost is transmitting, I’m receiving. (applause)

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