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The activities of Christ

Joyce Meyer (5)

We’re so busy trying to figure stuff out; we can’t even minister properly. It seems like sometimes all the devil has to do is cause something unfair to happen in our lives and we can spend the rest of our life trying to figure out why, God, why? Really, there’s even a deeper problem that happens, and you’re about to see what it is because not only do we try to figure things out but to be honest, sometimes we just get a little bit ticked off. It’s something that gets a hold of us way down deep inside and it creates a little bitterness. We get just a little bit mad at god, a little bit mad at people who don’t have it as rough as we do or whose lives seem to turn out better than ours. Oh, we keep going to church and we keep singing our songs and looking at the overhead and we keep reading our books, but there’s just a little something wrong in our spirits that is keeping us from going all the way with God and having the joy that he really wants us to have.

Now, I’ve never seen this before but God showed me this. Matthew 11:1: When Jesus had finished his charge to his twelve disciples, he left there to teach and to preach in their Galilean cities. (vs 2) Now when John who was in prison heard about the activities of Christ, he sent a message by his disciples (vs. 3) and asked him, are you the one who was to come, or should we keep on expecting somebody different? Get a picture of this: John is the forerunner for Jesus. He’s lived a very sacrificial life.  He’s been out in the desert literally for years by himself preparing for this ministry that God called him to. Most everybody who met him thought he was a lunatic and a crazy man. He wore animal skins and ate locusts and honey and ranted and raved about repenting and ran around dunking people in water. So now he’s in prison.

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