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God speaks to us

Joyce Meyer (10)

Jentezen: I’ll bet if I sat down and asked you to give me your schedule, it would wear me out and kill me, and vice versa. I travel every week most of the time with my family. We were given an 88,000 square foot building in Orange County and we started a church there a year ago. And when I tell people that, they say, “you go every week?” like I’m crazy, and I get it.

Joyce: You saw me when you told me that. I’m like: wow.

Jentezen: But it’s a grace. It’s a grace, it’s a joy. I get excited about it. I really believe that’s how God speaks to us, is he gives you that grace, and he may not grace me with the same thing that he graces you with.

Joyce: I used to handle a lot of the administrative stuff here at the ministry as well as do all the traveling and stuff and about four years ago I said to my family: “you know what? If I have to keep living like this, I’m going to downsize this thing because all I do is work and I cannot do it anymore. I want to give myself to praying, teaching, preaching, writing.” When I came to that point in my life where I said, “I will not do it like this anymore,” God raised up my younger son at that point and he became the CEO of the media, and administrates all the operations here daily and my life just changed dramatically.

Joyce Meyer Ministries: But see, all those years I had done it and I was able to do it, I enjoyed it, but all of a sudden I had a couple of years where it was like… I heard myself complaining all the time about my schedule. I think if you start hearing yourself complain all the time about what you’re doing, then maybe you’d better back off and ask yourself if you should be doing it.

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