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Good Brokenness Before God

Joyce Meyer (7)

But in actual fact, I’ve seen believers whose spirit is broken, snapped. It’s like they talk about breaking the will of a horse so it becomes tame but sometimes the will can become broken. There are two kinds of brokenness: there is a good brokenness before God where we are broken and we become contrite before God but there’s another kind of brokenness that is damaging, and that’s when trust is breached. What happens is something snaps on the inside of a person and they give up. They just give up. They think, “what’s the use?” they’re hopeless, they lose vision for the future.

Joyce: Nothing’s going to change.

Pastor Phil: Yeah. If you were to say, “let me look into your future,” you’d see nothing; it’s black. Faith always has something inside. And if you were to run the ultrasound over their spirit, there’s nothing in there; no heart beating about the future.

Joyce: I think many times we think because somebody has hurt us, we are justified in feeling that way. It seems like I’m hearing the Lord say that we need to realize that our anger is sin and our bitterness is sin and that resentment is sin. And even though this other person has sinned against me, that my response to that is also sinful. So, I think we need to start by saying, “God, this attitude I have, this way I feel, these thoughts I’m having, this junk that I’m spurting out of my spirit is sin and I’m sorry. Will you forgive me? And I want to also forgive that person.”

Pastor Phil: Because we have no control over what happens to us, but we do have control over how we react to what happens to us.

Joyce: And as long as we keep justifying our bad response, then you really can’t get over it because you’re not really facing the fact that it’s a wrong thing that has to go.

Joyce Meyer Online:  I need to control myself. I need to control myself.: We stay too busy trying to control everybody else. Amen!

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