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The Law Of The Spirit Of Life

Joyce Meyer (5)

That means the moment we accept that I am who God says I am, that when God raised Christ from the dead, he gave me the same life that he gave to Christ, the same victory, and he raised me up with him and made me sit down together with him in heavenly places and the same life that’s in Christ is in my spirit right now.  As you find those scriptures — there are 130 of them so you can see we could be busy just talking about them — in 130, Paul uses that terminology “in Christ.” in him, we are blessed. In him, we are righteous. In him, we are always triumphant. That’s one of my favorite ones. In him, the law of the spirit of life in him has made us free from the law of sin and death.

Joyce: One of the ways I like to explain this is that god would never command you to do something and not give you what you needed to do it. I wouldn’t send my little child to the grocery store and not give them any money to get the groceries.  I wouldn’t tell them to bake a cake and not give them any ingredients. So, when the bible tells us to walk in righteousness and holiness, it would be virtually impossible if god didn’t give us what we needed to do that. So, if he expects me to behave right, then he has to give me righteousness.

He puts that in me and then in our world the way people look at things is “if you show me, then I’ll believe it,” but in god’s economy, you believe it first and then you see it. So, if you begin to believe that you are the righteousness of God in Christ, that you have been given right standing with god and you stop all this “I’m no good, I’m nothing, I’m an old worm, god’s mad at me.  I have to go around guilty and condemned and ashamed all the time.” when you take off those rags and you put on your robe of righteousness and you begin to believe “I am the righteousness of God in Christ, not because I do everything right but because the word says it,” then your behavior will start to be more right.

Joyce Meyer: If we would just concentrate more on ourselves. We’re always minding other people’s business and not taking care of our own

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