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The way God wants to do it by Joyce Meyer

Jentezen: It’s worked for you. When I pulled up on this gorgeous campus, to know that it’s debt free and to see what God has done, obviously every time you have heard from God, he has provided for this ministry to go from level to level.

Joyce: A lot of that probably is a compliment to my husband because like I said he’s so great at waiting. Sometimes his waiting can drive me crazy but I’m glad he has. We so needed a building, Jentezen! People were piled on top of people! It was just ridiculous. We were renting this space and this space and this space. But Dave just kept saying he felt that we needed to save the money and build as we go. I’ll have to admit that probably if it would have been me and I wouldn’t have had his wisdom there, I would have said, “let’s just borrow the rest of what we need and make the payments,” but that wasn’t God’s way for us. Like I said, I’m not saying that’s not God’s way for somebody else because we are individuals and God leads us individually.

Jentezen: There’s a lot of wisdom in what you’re saying.

Joyce Meyer: We waited and we waited and we waited and we waited, and now, there’s no pressure. A lot of times we do things too fast and then we’re pressured by those things. That doesn’t mean that God won’t help us and he won’t work it out but we could have avoided a lot of pressure if we would have just taken a little more time to make sure that it was not only God’s will but God’s right time.

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