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People need to pray by Joyce Meyer

Joyce: And doors begin to open. People need to pray. I pray all the time for God to open right doors and close wrong ones. I don’t even just pray for open doors because sometimes you can get a wrong one opened that looks good but it’s not, so I always pray: God, open right doors and close wrong doors. It’s interesting what you said: “you don’t need to send out your resume” because when God very first called me 32 years ago, I wanted to preach so badly I could hardly stand it — just could hardly stand it. I’d sit and watch people on tv and think: “I could preach that good. Why am I stuck here in my living room with 25 people?” I remember talking with a friend of mine and I was going to literally send out my resume to every church here in St. Louis and tell the pastors, who did not know me from Adam and probably at that point it would have just been a joke, tell them how I was called of God and did they not want me to come to their church and preach? I am so glad that God stayed my hand because now I just think about how embarrassed and even devastated I would have been. Even if one of them had called me, it wasn’t time for that.

Jentezen: Right. I never will forget when you came and preached in our newer building. For a long time I had people pushing me: build that building. What are you waiting on? We were in multiple services, just crowded out of the place, had no room to grow but I couldn’t get peace in my spirit. And then I don’t know what happened, I just woke up one day and felt peace about it. I saw too that our finances were where they needed to be.

Joyce Meyer – I think people just go out and they maybe really have a legitimate direction from God but they miss the timing and even the natural things. Look at what you’re able to do financially and use good common sense. And the provision, if God is in it, he will provide.

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