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Make a change by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer Online. As far as this personal relationship with god that you can have through Christ, really he’s done all the doing that needs to be done. He died for your sins. He took your punishment. He died in your place but he arose from the dead, death couldn’t hold him, and he’s now seated at the right hand of the father but also he comes to live in the hearts of those who accept Christ as their savior. So, god’s done everything that he really needs to do. Often I tell people he’s done everything that he’s going to do because he’s done everything he needs to do, but Joyce Meyer believe right now he’s drawing you, you feel in your heart if you don’t have that personal relationship with him that you need to make a change, you want to be assured that you’re going to go to heaven, you want to know your sins are forgiven, you want to have Christ as your friend like I’m talking about, so there is something you need to do. He’s done everything else but you’re at a point right now where there is something you need to do, and what you need to do is make a decision. You only have one life to live so i want to ask you: what are you gonna do with it?

Joyce Meyer Ministries. Another way I like to say it is you only have one life to give. What are you gonna give it for and who are you gonna give it to?  Are you gonna just be selfish and self-centered and try to live for yourself? That won’t make you happy. You can’t be selfish and happy. Are you going to live for the world?  Are you going to give all your gifts and talents to the world and then at the end maybe be disappointed because the world ended up taking advantage of you or they weren’t there for you when you needed them?

Joyce Meyer Online – Are you gonna give your life to some useless cause that produces no good fruit for anyone or are you going to live your life for god? Are you going to give your life to god and ask him to use your talents, your gifts, your abilities, the things that he gave you to start with? Everything that you can do well came from god, so are you gonna take what god gave you as a free gift and as an act of your own free will now offer it back to him by simply saying: i want you in my life. I need you, God.

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