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God heard us by Joyce Meyer

How many years do we suffer: we don’t feel like God heard us. We don’t feel like our prayers are working.  We don’t feel like they got out of the room. You have to know. He says, “I will hear you and I will answer you.” god is a god who hears. He hears us so we don’t have to try to figure out whether we feel like he’s there or not; he just is.  And that’s… According to Joyce Meyer Online there’s no quick easy answer. I think we all have to spend the time to get our mind renewed to believe what the bible says more than we believe what we think or feel.

Ginger: but it’s such a freeing experience because then that love is his love flowing through me. It’s not about what I can do anymore. It’s not about where I fail in loving people because he’ll help me where I fail, and it takes so much pressure off.

Joyce Meyer Ministries: not only that, ginger, you’re just wasting your time to get up every day and go out and try to love somebody. That’s why spending that time with god is so important to get refreshed in him, renewed in him, strengthened in him, to remind yourself… Even this morning, I sat on my couch in my little office and I just said, “God, I’m so glad that I know that you love me and that you love me unconditionally, and that you don’t even have to prove it to me.  I just know that I know that I know that I know that I know.”  and I kind of repeated Romans 8 to myself, starting at about verse 33 and going through to the end of the chapter, that: neither height nor depth, and nothing in the world, nothing impending, nothing threatening can ever separate us from the love of god which is found in Christ Jesus. The enemy wants to separate us from that love but we can’t let him do that.  That’s one thing that we have to be assured of. To ever get to the point where you live beyond feelings…

Joyce Meyer – When you’re feeling something that doesn’t agree with the word of god, one of the best things to do is open your mouth and say, “the devil is a liar and I don’t live by feelings; I live by faith. And I know that what I’m feeling is not right because it doesn’t agree with the word of god.”

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