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Addictive behaviors by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer Ministries: Most of us are addicted to something in our lives and today we’re gonna learn how to break those bad habits that hold us in bondage.

Joyce Meyer Online: Addictive behaviors. Let’s start by talking about self-control because we need that. Go to Galatians 5:22. Lord, we thank you for the word this morning and we believe it’s going to impact people’s lives in a very positive way. Self-control. Obviously if it’s “self”-control then I am the one who has to do the controlling, right? I can’t sit around and wait for some outside force to come along and do it for me. Joyce Meyer Ministries said that I have to control myself through the power of the Holy Spirit. Verse 22: But the fruit of the Holy Spirit… What is the evidence that the Holy Spirit is living in us? There should be evidence. If we’re Christians, there ought to be enough evidence to convict us. We should act differently than someone who does not have the power of God in their life. Amen? Amen!: So, my dear friends in Christ, we must be very concerned about how we act. Joyce Meyer says Yes!: How we behave is very important and how we behave under pressure shows more about our character than anything else. It shows more about our spiritual maturity than anything else. Anybody can act good when they’re getting their way. I’m so grateful for self-control because Lord only knows what we’d be doing if we didn’t have some measure of that. Amen? Amen.: According to Joyce Meyer Ministries that the fruit of the Holy Spirit [the work which his presence within us accomplishes] is love, joy gladness:, peace, patience which is an even temper and forbearance: – forbearance means you have an ability to put up with stuff a long time without changing – kindness, goodness, faithfulness, v. 23: Gentleness which is meekness and humility:, and self-control. Now, I believe that all the fruit of the spirit actually are the fruit of love.

Joyce Meyer – Along that line, I think you also have to find a way to be real with people. I think sometimes when you’re handing out tracts or you’re hitting them with certain scriptures that they’ve heard a million times, it automatically puts up a defensive.

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