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A gift of mercy by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer Ministries: Are you hanging on to something that you really know you need to let go of? Today we’re going to help you understand how you can let go and move on; coming up next on “enjoying everyday life.”

Joyce Meyer: We can come boldly to the throne and we can have an unreserved approach. Whoa! I don’t even have to sneak in! I could just go in. “It’s me again, father.” I’m going to teach you some things this weekend about how much we need fathers and why God tells us to call him father. So many of us didn’t have right fathering. And then some of us even went to the church to find fathering and we couldn’t find right fathers there. We need natural fathers. We need spiritual fathers. Paul said: you’ve got a lot of teachers but not many fathers. Amen? Amen!: It thrills me when somebody tells me that they look at me as their spiritual mother. I’d like to mother the whole world.

People are orphaned and they’re not supposed to be orphaned. He adopts us and brings us into fellowship with himself. We have to learn that it’s alright to feel right about yourself. It’s not godly to hate yourself. You need to like yourself. You need to accept yourself. According to Joyce Meyer Ministries that you need to embrace yourself. With all of your weirdness you need to embrace yourself! We need to stop comparing and competing. Maybe somebody here is tired of being a chameleon: Change and just you’re this if they want this and that if somebody else wants something else. I tried so hard to be like so many people for so long, one day I got so frustrated, I said, “God, I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be like anymore!” I tried to be like Dave. I tried to be like my neighbor. I tried to be like my pastor’s wife.  She was real sweet and had a gift of mercy.

Joyce Meyer Online – And I think one of the keys to witnessing is finding everybody where they’re at and being able to meet them with Jesus there.

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