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In Jesus’ name by Joyce Meyer

Aggressively, aggressively,: in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name.: Joyce Meyer Ministries says the word confidence says that it causes a person to be bold, open, and plain. Form a habit of responding to everything with confidence. It is your blood-bought right to be confident. We say we have confidence in God, but do we? What do you have your confidence in? The way you look? What if you don’t look that way someday? In case you haven’t noticed, we all change as the years go by. Do you have your confidence in your job? What if you don’t have that job someday? Do you have your confidence in your bank account? Well, what if that system caves in? Do you have your confidence in your social group? Your friends? We all know that sometimes they disappear. Joyce Meyer Online said that Is your confidence in the kind of clothes you can wear or the kind of car you drive? Do you feel good about yourself because you have a nice car and a nice house and you can wear fancy clothes? Do you feel good about yourself because you’re the exact right size or you have beautiful hair? What makes you feel good about yourself? The bible says in Philippians 3:3: put no confidence or dependence upon what you are in the flesh or on external outward advantages, but let your confidence be in Christ Jesus.

Joyce Meyer says I’m confident and the thing that’s so funny, if people could just see this: don’t ever think that everybody who is doing a lot of good stuff are all that talented. I can tell you what I have — a mouth. I can’t play an instrument. I could give you a list a mile long of the stuff I can’t do but you know what I do have? I’ve got a lot of good ol’ plain common sense. I just know there are some things you do and some things you don’t do, and a lot of that I’ve learned the hard way. I’ve learned by doing it wrong and figuring out: well, that didn’t work. I’m old enough now that I’ve tried a whole bunch of stuff and I can give you some really good advice. Amen? Amen!:

Joyce Meyer Ministries – I always love it when Paul talks about trying to become all things to all people that he may save some.

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