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A blessed life by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer said that we serve an excellent God and we need to get over being mediocre and thinking it’s okay just to kind of float downstream with every other mediocre person. God’s looking for somebody who will swim upstream against the current of the world that’s trying to suck us down into the pit where the rest of them are. Amen!: We need to just get over ourselves and realize that everything in our life doesn’t have to feel good. Amen? According to Joyce Meyer Online that the bible, for example, in Matthew 5 teaches us that the righteous – those who seek righteousness will be fulfilled. You know what else it tells us in Matthew 5? The righteous will be persecuted. We like verse 5.  We don’t care much about verse 10. Oh yes, I’m a righteous person. Joyce Meyer Ministries said that I should be fulfilled. Meet my needs. Give me a blessed life. Matter of fact, in Matthew 5, it talks about how to be blessed means to be enviably prosperous and to have such a blessed life that you’re so blessed even in your soul that even if your circumstances stink, you’re still blessed. Well, we love that! Oh yes, yes, amen, amen! Joyce Meyer says but when we read down to verse 10 and the bible promises us that the righteous will be persecuted, we don’t care too much about that. We want everybody to like us. We want everybody to approve of us. We want everybody to clap and cheer every time we come around. We don’t want to be lonely. We want to be invited to everything. According to Joyce Meyer Ministries that you know, Jesus had some lonely times, his reputation wasn’t too good – at least here on the earth but he had a great reputation in heaven. We need to get a little more concerned about our reputation in heaven than we are our reputation here on earth. Amen? Because you know what? The amount of time we spend here is a drop in the bucket. It’s like one grain of sand compared to all the ocean shores in all the world – one little grain of sand, the amount of time we spend here but forever has no time. Never-ending. Amen? Amen.: Joyce Meyer Online said that I think we need to teach just a little bit more hell, fire, and brimstone these days. Amen!: We need to teach a little more righteousness.

Joyce Meyer Ministries – Here I am today talking to you about straightening up your behavior, and last night I told you that you couldn’t change yourself and that you really needed to turn the whole thing over to God and not just keep trying to do something you can’t do.

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