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Preaching by Joyce Meyer

Lisa: And understand they’re different. My third son was such a challenge. It sounds like the same thing. I spent my whole mother career apologizing to teachers. I would even find myself saying, “my first two children are straight a’s! I don’t know what happened; I promise!” I thought maybe he didn’t crawl enough, maybe we didn’t do this enough, maybe we didn’t do that. And John sat me down and said, “you are stressing out and you are stressing this child out. And you know what?

He just looks at things differently, so we’re just going to start telling him, ‘Alexander, we love the way you think.'” So, we just started saying, “Alexander, we just love the way you think!” And the other boys were like, “you’ve got to be kidding; he doesn’t think. That’s why he has d’s and f’s, mom. What do you mean? This child doesn’t think.” But we just kept saying, “we love the way you think, Alex. You look at things differently. We love it.”

Joyce Meyer says at first my heart was afraid that he was going to stop trying, but you know what? His pieces just came together and he felt celebrated. Now he’s gone, seriously, from a child who was in special education to the vice president of the junior class in high school and he is preaching his first youth conference this summer, but we had to start celebrating his strengths instead of always pointing out his weaknesses. I think with relationships, I don’t like to spend time with people who tell me what’s wrong with me. I like people that celebrate my strengths because they build me up and that ends up displacing my weaknesses.

Joyce Meyer Ministries: And you have to learn to let each one of them be who they are and not compare them.  Especially we have to learn to not try to make them be like us.

Joyce Meyer Online – I think for the most part that we, in my opinion, I think too many people today are anti-bible teaching.

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