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Awesome Creative Power In God’s Word by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer: “I set before you life and death,” the bible says in Deuteronomy 30. Choose life. We have a choice. We have a choice about how to act. We have a choice about what to think. We have a choice about what we’re going to say.

Joyce Meyer Ministries: Thank you for being with me today on “enjoying everyday life.” The bible says the power of life and death is in the tongue. That’s a really strong statement. Let’s think about that. The power of life and death is in the tongue. That means the words that we speak contain either creative or destructive power. Our words affect our present situation and they determine our future. It amazes me that the same awesome creative power in God’s word is also ours if we’ll learn how to speak it. God always does what he says he will do, so begin to line your words up with his and when you do, your present mess will become your future miracle.

Joyce Meyer Online: I’m going to talk to you tonight about your words and your future, how your words can affect your future. Some of us are living out right now what we’ve said in the past, so if we don’t like what’s going on right now, we need to make sure that we say some things that are going to help us have the life we want to have in the future. Now listen, we’ve been talking this weekend about how words are containers for power. Joyce Meyer says this glass contains water. Words contain power. They contain creative or destructive power. If we would go to Genesis 1, you would see that each thing that God created, the bible says, “and God said…” I went through Genesis 1 this afternoon and underlined each place when God created something that we now enjoy. It doesn’t say, “God thought a thought.” It doesn’t say, “God waved his hands.” It says, “and God said.”

Joyce Meyer Ministries – We as people need to be able to quote the bible in our daily speech. I find when I do that, people say, “where did you get that from?” Or “Lou Brock said…”

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