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The Righteousness Of God In Christ

Joyce Meyer (9)

Quite often I use those verses if I’m going to be teaching on the mind because the mind really is the battlefield where satan rages war against us. Yes, he comes against our circumstances and there are other things that he does but if he can lie to us and get us to believe those lies then we live a deceived life. Deception means that you believe a lie, but the interesting thing about it is that if you believe it, it’s real for you. Isn’t that amazing?

Even though as a Christian you are the righteousness of God in Christ through the blood of Jesus, most people feel bad about themselves because the devil has lied to them and lied to them and lied to them, and they go by their feelings and they go by their natural thoughts rather than by the word of God. Let me tell you something — I don’t care if I have to hold this book up a million times a year, I feel a new urgency to get it across to people that you have to believe the word of God more than you believe how you feel or what you think or what you want.  (applause)

We’re either going to be word people or we’re going to be emotional people or mental people. But I can’t live according to what I want, think and feel and also live according to the word of God. Feelings are just keeping people out of the will of God. Following emotions is destroying lives. “I feel, I feel, I don’t feel. I feel, I feel, I don’t feel.” I can’t give you a message to make your feelings go away. You’re going to have feelings. You never know exactly when they’re going to show up. You don’t know if they’re going to be good or bad. They can change without a moment’s notice.

You can feel like making a commitment on Monday night, and by Tuesday night you don’t want anything to do with it at all.  You feel like buying it but you don’t feel like paying for it. Come on now. We feel, we feel. Just a little bit of thought and you’ll agree that people are being destroyed because they’re following their feelings around. Our feelings are connected to our thoughts. Satan puts a thought in your mind and it’s not very long when you think on it, a feeling is connected to it. You can sit and think about what somebody’s done to you that’s hurtful or unfair, and it won’t be very long and you’re going to feel anger. Even though you’ve probably heard it thousands of times, I have to tell you again you have to guard your heart very carefully. With all diligence you have to guard your heart.

Joyce Meyer and all the other people that we put so much stock in — what is he going to think and what is she going to think?


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