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Serve The Lord

Joyce Meyer (11)

“I’m deciding ahead of time that I’m going to be merciful and I’m going to be quick to forgive and I’m not even going to put the pressure on you of never disappointing me.” this attitude that Jesus had I believe is exactly why when he was in the garden of Gethsemane and he needed his disciples so much… It’s really a sad story if you go read it. I’m not going to take the time tonight just to save some time, but I’ve been doing some teaching out of Matthew 26 and Luke 22. Jesus told them what was happening and this was the pinnacle for him. Joyce Meyer this was what he was sent for. The bible says that he was in such agony of mind that he sweated great drops of blood.

We can’t understand that kind of agony. He said to them, “pray with me. Pray with me. We need to pray.” he went off a little bit by himself to pray and have some alone time with his father. He came back and they were sleeping. “what? Can’t you pray with me one hour? Stay awake. Get up. You need to pray. Pray that you won’t come into temptation.” he knew they were going to be tempted to deny him. He knew they were going to be tempted to betray him. “pray,” he said. He went off again. He came back the second time, the bible says, and found them sleeping. He went off again and came back the third time and found them sleeping. Now, what kind of a deal is that?  He had poured his life out to these men for three years.

He had been with them almost day and night the whole time and now he has a need and they’re not there for him. Well, we all know what that kind of stuff does to us. It’s like, “after all I’ve done for you.” Joyce Meyer online that’s our standard speech. “after all I’ve done for you.” which i guess should give us an indication that maybe we did what we did for the wrong reason anyway because we obviously were doing what we were doing because we expected some kind of payback. Which means that maybe we need to readjust our thinking a little bit and even when we do things for people, let’s really be doing them for the lord for people.

“Lord, I’m doing this for them because I love you and so I’m really doing it for you to serve you.” that way, then even when we’re doing things for people, if we’re really doing it for the lord then it’s him we’re going to get our reward from. So then we don’t get all mad at people when they don’t give us what we think we deserve for all the things that we’ve done. What I’m talking to you about tonight causes so many, many, many problems in relationships. Who are you expecting to keep you happy? Who are you expecting to never disappoint you? Who are you expecting to always be there for you and never let you down? If it’s not God, then you have already set yourself up for disappointment. Joyce Meyer ministries well, I’m sure that Jesus was disappointed in the way they behaved.

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