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About the love of Jesus Christ by Joyce Meyer

Ginger Stache: “This is Roja and Mahesh. I want to tell you their story because they are truly miracles and you’ve had a big part in their lives. Not too long ago, their father died after suffering with aids. Their mother tried to care for them. She went to the family for help but because she also had aids, they would have nothing to do with her. Unfortunately, after not too long, their mother also died. They went to live with their uncle and their grandmother but when the children were tested and found to be hiv positive, the family sent them out of the house. And at ages nine and five, these children were completely on their own — no one to care for them. That’s when Joyce Meyer ministries found out about their need, and they came here to live at Chandrakal hospital. Here they are receiving total care — Not only medications and having their physical problems cared for, but they’re receiving love and an education, and they’re learning about the love of Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Ashok Kumar first became aware of Roja and Mahesh after reading about their tragic story in a national newspaper. The article urged someone to come forward and help the children.

Dr. Ashok Kumar: “So we went there by our ambulance. We reached the village. And at that time, Mahesh, the little boy, is so sick, and they are not allowed to enter any house of the village. They’re not allowed to drink water from the village also. They’re just sleeping in a veranda in their grandma’s house. And when they saw us, the village people were so happy because once for all these dreaded hiv kids are going out from their village.”

Ginger: “Today they have light in their eyes and smiles on their faces. Their lives have hope and it is truly because of loving wonderful people who didn’t even know them, who were willing to reach out with the love of Christ. Thank you for your help. You’re making a difference in children’s lives, not only for Roja and Mahesh, but for so many other children. You’re showing God’s love and you’re doing it through your partnership with Joyce Meyer ministries.”

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