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The love of God by Joyce Meyer

I want you to really open up your heart and let God reveal this to you. The one thing that will set you free from absolutely everything is just simple childlike trust. If you trust in God, you won’t worry. If you really trust in god, you won’t have to get anxious about tomorrow. Trust sets you free from the mistakes of the past. Trust keeps you from worrying about money. Trust keeps you from caring about what people think.

Trust makes you secure. It sets you free from everything even addictions and bondages. Trust in God can set you free from alcohol, drugs, or sexual perversion because when you feel the pressure of thinking you need that substance, if you’ll run right to God right then and say, “the devil’s telling me I need that but I believe that I need you,” and if the first few days you have to do it 500 times a day, then do it. Trust God for the wisdom you need. Trust God for the strength that you need. When things don’t turn out in your life the way you think they should, trust god. Stop trying to get answers to things that you are never going to have the answer to. Stop trying to explain away things that only God has the answer to. When things happen like 9/11 or the tsunami or the hurricanes that we’ve experienced people always seem to want to get preachers on TV and start drilling them about: now why did God let this happen?

Is this judgment or is it this or is it that? I didn’t know how many places I’d be interviewed, but I already had my answer prepared before I ever got asked the question. It was very simply: you know what?  I’m not god. To tell you the truth, I don’t have the answer to why these things happen. All I know is I’m a believer, I’ve got the love of God in me and since it did happen, I’m going to do everything I can to try to help the people that got hurt and bring restoration to their lives.

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