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God loves you

Joyce Meyer (8)

Joyce Meyer Online says that so if we look at that the other way, just because I feel guilty about something doesn’t even mean that I am because it can be that false guilt that you’re talking about that the enemy is really trying to put on me. And once again, it’s been so helpful to me to realize that God does not oppress me or push me down or just make me feel guilty on and on and on and on. Joyce Meyer stated that he may make me aware of a wrongdoing in my life, but his love and forgiveness is always there to heal me and to lift me out of it.

R.T. Kendall: And Paul went on to say, “I don’t judge myself.” There is a man who’s free! The one who can say that is a man happy with himself. He’s forgiven himself which is what the devil, as I said, doesn’t want you to do.

Joyce Meyer says that that’s right. It’s been so great to have you on the program today. We’re going to go at this again tomorrow and try to help people in even a greater way, so thank you. I would just like to say to our viewers if you know someone who is having a problem with this, and you probably do, you really need to give them a call and encourage them to watch the program tomorrow. Joyce Meyer Online stated that obviously, if they haven’t watched it today, they can’t watch today’s program, but they can get on the internet and watch today’s program or tomorrow’s. It’s such an important area and we want to reach out to as many people as we can with this message that God loves you and he has forgiven you but it doesn’t do you any good if you don’t receive it, which means to forgive yourself. Now today we’re offering a resource package with Joyce Meyer.It includes my 4-cd series, “do yourself a favor, forgive,” and the book by Dr. Kendall “how to forgive ourselves – totally.” I really want to encourage you to take advantage of this offer. Get the help that you need, and don’t just get it in your home and put it on a shelf somewhere and plan to do something with it at some time. Listen to these cds, read this book, and read it and read it and listen and listen until you are enjoying the freedom that Jesus died to give you. Make sure you join us again tomorrow as we conclude our discussion on forgiving ourselves.  See you tomorrow and God bless you!

Joyce Meyer Ministries – Come on now. Here’s what I’m seeing from the Lord right now: I believe when we push past that and we go ahead and walk in the flesh, I believe it makes us grouchy.

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