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Joyce Meyer (3)

Ginger: Dugovich was one of those sweet, sweet little girls that will always stay with me.

Joyce Meyer stated that through their giving, they’re going to these places and they’re feeding hungry children and helping girls who have been taken into prostitution.

Pat: There’s just no reason to believe whatsoever that every one of those girls cannot come out of that life. I refuse to accept anything but that.

Joyce Meyer Ministries says that I really hope that the images, the emotions, the feelings and stuff that I experienced there don’t get diluted by life, that I don’t forget what all took place.

Joyce Meyer Ministries stated that it just needs to really become a reality in our hearts that this is what Jesus said to go do.

Chad: While the plane is taking off, I want to leave hope in these people’s hearts that we’re not leaving… We’re going to get more help.

Ginger: Please call the number on your screen, go to the website, make a difference in someone else’s lives that will last for eternity, and again, thank you so much for what you’ve already done.

Joyce Meyer says we just suddenly get selective hearing. Amen? Amen!: So, when we come to that point of knowing we’re full, we’ve spent enough, we’ve said enough, we’ve worked long enough today, we need to now rest – whatever the case might be, we’ve been watching television long enough, now we need to get up and do something else that’s going to bear some fruit – when we come to that point – now listen to me – when we come to that point and we have that decision, that little wrestling match with our flesh because the bible says that the flesh and the spirit are continually antagonistic toward one another – there’s always going to be a little war going on there Joyce Meyer Online.

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