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A Ministry to Glorify God by Joyce Meyer

According to Joyce Meyer that one thing you’ve got to know is when God tells you to lay something down, he gives you the ability to lay it down. Whatever you give up for him will come back to you many times over in much better condition than it was when you laid it down. Joseph was a great man and we talk about that, but he was also in prison for 13 years for something he didn’t do. Why? Because a work needed to be done in him. Moses was 40 years on the back side of the desert. Why? Because a work needed to be done in him. Joyce Meyer Ministries said the gifts that God has given you are not going to go away. That’s not going to change but if you want to be happy, you better start using them to glorify God. You don’t have to work for a ministry to glorify God. No matter where you go to work, you can go every day with the intention of being a witness, having a great attitude, loving people, taking every opportunity that you have to be a blessing to people as God opens doors. You can lead people to Christ. Joyce Meyer Online you don’t all need to have a pulpit. Most people don’t need a pulpit. You’ve got one anyway. It may be your backyard fence or your desk at work but you’ve all got a pulpit. You’ve all got a platform where God wants you to bring the gifts that you have into the kingdom.

Joyce Meyer: I think if you will stay full of hope, that’s another way of just saying “I refuse to give up.” I’ve found out in my life that if I will just be tenacious and refuse to give up, I will have a breakthrough and see the things that God promises me in his word. The enemy wants us to give up. He’s constantly putting thoughts in our head like “you can’t do this, it’s too much, you’re not gonna make it,” but you need to open your mouth and do battle with the enemy by speaking the word of God. You need to say things like God is on my side and I’m not gonna quit, I’m not gonna give up. I’m gonna remain full of hope because God is on my side. Today we’re offering six teaching cds — that’s six hours of teaching titled “hold on!  Help is on the way!” I think it will be really encouraging to you.

Joyce Meyer Ministries – I think what I would say to the audience is to understand that we’re a witness in the good times and the bad times.

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