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God believes in you! by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer Ministries said God believes in you! he’s not all concerned about what you don’t have and what you’re missing and what’s not this and not that. I used to feel like god was probably so disappointed in me. Do you ever feel like god is probably so disappointed with you? Until one day he said: you know, Joyce Meyer, you’re really no shock to me; I knew what I was getting when I got you. laughing: think about it! God knows the end from the beginning! All the days of our life are written in his book. Every word in our mouth that is still unuttered, God already knows today what you’re going to say a year from now.

Every decision you’re ever going to make, good or bad, God already knew them before you ever showed up on planet earth. Then we think that God goes around so disappointed with us all the time. Let me tell you something: we do make mistakes and we’re not supposed to be lighthearted about it. Joyce Meyer Ministries that we are to take it seriously. But God has hope for you. God knows that he can change you if you’ll just stay in the word. But you can’t just come to one conference like this and think it’s going to fix everything in your life.  Joyce Meyer says what you’re going to find out here is a whole bunch of stuff that needs to be changed, and then you’re going to consistently work with God to stay in the word and to stay in prayer and to get around some right people, and you’re going to give god at least the same amount of time you’ve given the devil in your life.

According to Joyce Meyer Online that if it took you 40 years to get in this mess, then don’t get mad at god if you’re not out of it in two weeks. Amen? Amen.: God’s got a good plan for you. Well, when am I going to change? The bible says: little by little, from glory to glory, due time, appointed time. God’s never late, usually not early. Well, when will the other people in my life change? When are my circumstances going to change? According to Joyce Meyer Ministries that when you stop trying to change them yourself and put them in God’s hands, when you get happy where you’re at. If you can’t rejoice in the wilderness, chances are you’ll live there all your life because you know what? If you can’t be happy in the wilderness, guess what?

Joyce Meyer – They do treat people so bad and they don’t ever go back. I don’t understand that, how you cannot feel in your heart, I offended this person or even if sometimes I’ll go back to a person and apologize and they’ll say, “oh, you didn’t offend me at all.”


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